Myth: Clinical trials are not safe.

Reality: The investigational drugs and procedures that are given to trial participants go through a rigorous testing process to make sure that the drug is safe for use in humans and likely to be effective for treating the condition which it is being tested. All clinical trials are reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB), a committee made up of doctors, scientists and researchers who are there to ensure patient safety.

Myth: I’ve tried all recommendations by doctors, a clinical trial will probably not help either.

Reality: Participants of clinical trials are given the latest medicines and procedures. They are also overseen and taken care of by specialized medical professionals, researchers, and doctors that are there to ensure participant’s safety and the medication or treatment’s efficacy. Numerous studies show that patients who participate in clinical trials have outcomes that are as good, or better than the general patient population.

Myth: Being in a clinical trial is expensive.

Reality: It is very rare that volunteers for clinical trials have to pay any costs related to participating in a clinical trial. There are two types of costs associated with clinical trials: research costs and patient care costs. The research costs are associated with conducting the actual clinical trial and these costs are almost always covered by the sponsoring organization, such as a pharmaceutical company. Patient costs in most if not all cases are covered, and you may also receive compensation for your time and travel expenses.

Myth: If you sign up for a clinical trial, you lose control of your personal and health information.

Reality: If you agree to participate in a clinical trial, you will have to share your personal and some medical history with the team. As part of the informed consent process, you will receive information about the personal and health details that will be collected. There are very strict laws in place that prevent the sharing of personal and health information to anyone beyond the study team and personnel directly involved with the study. Protecting the privacy of participating individuals is most important to the team and the sponsor.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, see our clinical trial page for trial currently recruiting

December 4, 2019 , by AutoCruitment

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