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Who We Are

The AutoCruitment difference starts with a passion for what we do.

AutoCruitment streamlines and optimizes the patient recruitment process, helping Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Contract Research Organizations find the right patients for the right trials, at the right time. Originally formed in 2014, the benefits and effectiveness of the company’s unique web-based software platform has attracted CROs, sponsors and research sites addressing a broad range of therapeutic areas. With AutoCruitment, patients can locate and enroll in applicable clinical trials that offer access to potential medical advances. AutoCruitment now has experience finding patients for clinical trials in over 350 studies across 100+ conditions.

AutoCruitment is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with team members all over the world.


To remove the Patient Recruitment barrier from Clinical Research and improve lives by connecting people with clinical research, anytime, anywhere, accessible to anyone.

Vision for Our Clients

Partnering with clients to provide an accelerated path to new therapies with a customized, results-driven focus on the patient journey, from recruitment and beyond.

Vision for Our Patients

Empowering patients everywhere by providing safe, direct, and equal access to clinical trials and research studies.


Jill Pellegrino

Jill recently joins AutoCruitment as Chief Executive Officer, bringing over 15 years of leadership experience in patient recruitment, real world evidence and clinical research site operations. Jill is passionate about growing businesses that rely on innovative, data driven methods to reach patients to provide them with opportunities to participate in research opportunities. Most recently Jill was at CVS Health where she was responsible for establishing and growing the Real World Evidence and Patient Recruitment businesses. At CVS Health her businesses were successful in placing 35,000 patients into research opportunities in both clinical trials and research settings, drastically increasing diversity participation in research studies. Prior to CVS Health, Jill was General Manager of Accelerated Enrollment Solutions, which was comprised of 2,000 employees across 11 countries and encompassed a patient recruitment offering and clinical research site network of 160 sites. Jill received her Bachelors degree from LaSalle University in Mathematics and Computer Science.

David O'Brien

David O’Brien is the Chief Financial Officer of AutoCruitment. He brings a depth of experience in the life science space from having served as CFO for pharmaceutical companies that support early stage drug development all the way through to large scale, commercial manufacturing. Prior to his work in life sciences David served in a variety of financial leadership roles for a large, international non-profit organization as well as other leading technology companies. David has consistently implemented scalable solutions to enable organizations to reach their full growth potential. He received his MBA from Bryant University, and his undergraduate degree from Worcester State University. He is an active, certified public accountant (CPA) in the state of North Carolina.

Kathy Twiddy
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Kathy Twiddy is General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of AutoCruitment LLC. She oversees all legal and compliance functions for the Company, including customer and commercial contracting, privacy and regulatory matters, corporate governance, M&A, litigation, and intellectual property management. Kathy has extensive legal experience representing companies in the life sciences and technology sectors.  She previously served as Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of ChannelAdvisor Corporation (formerly NYSE: ECOM), where she managed the company's $664M sale to CommerceHub.  Before joining ChannelAdvisor in 2021, she was Vice President, U.S. General Counsel at Mayne Pharma Inc. Kathy received her B.A. and Juris Doctor with honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and New York.

Jeff Evitts
Senior Vice President of Sales

Jeff Evitts is the Senior Vice President of Sales of AutoCruitment.  He brings over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the life science industry as a leader of world class sales teams in serving their customers. He will lead our sales team with our focused vision of partnering with clients to provide an accelerated path to new therapies with a customized, results-driven focus on the patient journey, from recruitment and beyond.  Previously, Jeff held various sales leadership roles with C3i and Medidata. He received his bachelor’s degree from Shippensburg University.

Catherine Balistreri
Vice President of Corporate Marketing

Catherine Balistreri is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at AutoCruitment. She brings over 20 years of sales and marketing expertise, with a deep focus on marketing within the Life Sciences sector. Catherine will lead corporate brand and marketing strategies, evangelizing the message of how Life Sciences organizations can overcome the patient enrollment barrier to clinical research. Catherine received her MBA from Indiana University, and her B.A. in Economics and Communication Studies from Vanderbilt University. She also holds multiple Pragmatic Marketing certificates, and a Women in Leadership Certificate from University of Notre Dame.

Board of Directors

Bethany Bray

Co-Founder, AutoCruitment

Michael Burke

Managing Director of Luxury, Branded Apparel and Durables, Google

Ben Cooper

Co-Founder, AutoCruitment

Jeanne Hecht

CEO, Lexitas

Matt Jenkins

Partner, QHP Capital

Jill Pellegrino

CEO, AutoCruitment

Michael Sorenson

Partner, QHP Capital

Our Partners

AutoCruitment is proud to be a member of Georgia Tech's elite ATDC Select Technology Group, a
graduate of the NeuroLaunch Accelerator and, as of October 2022 a Portfolio Company of QHP Capital.

AutoCruitment Management Team

What AutoCruitment means to us….

Jill Pellegrino


"At AutoCruitment, you are part of a highly passionate team who strongly believes in the importance of our mission, matching patients to clinical trials. It is a team who cares deeply about creating a positive experience for patients, clinical sites and our customers. It is a team that is motivated to drive innovation. And it is a team that inspires me to bring my best self to work everyday."

David O'Brien


"AutoCruitment brings together a powerful combination of technical expertise with a team of passionate professionals dedicated to improving the overall quality and efficiency of patient recruitment for clinical trials. By optimizing this process, our team believes that we can positively impact the health outcomes for people."

Kathy Twiddy

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

"AutoCruitment is solving a long-term challenge for the healthcare industry-efficiently connecting clinical trials with the right participants. The entire team is passionate about this mission, enabling therapies to get to market faster and ultimately improving and saving lives."

Jeff Evitts

Senior Vice President of Sales

"We are a passionate team focused on providing critical information, education, and access to clinical trials.  We strive to positively impact and exceed expectations for Patients, Sponsors, and Sites. By providing our excellent services, we know we are making a positive difference in the world of patient recruiting and clinical trials."

Catherine Balistreri

Vice President of Corporate Marketing

"We’re solving a real problem in the industry and the team cares deeply about making clinical trial access available to diverse patient populations. Our innovative technology and highly engaged services team lets us optimize our processes every step of the way so we can make a meaningful difference in patients lives and the way therapies get to market"

Kelsey Duke

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Revenue Management

"AutoCruitment is a highly dynamic team obsessed with quality and continuous improvement to ensure patients have access to clinical trials and cutting-edge treatment. As a financial analyst, I see the integrity of our data and how it’s used daily to change care for patients in real-time. I am inspired to be a part of this family."

Anna Zorawski

Vice President of Service Delivery

"AutoCruitment is the answer to a modern-day problem of finding the right patient for the right clinical trial. Gone are the days of flyers and posters. AutoCruitment’s innovative method of finding patients and matching them to their perfect trial, helps companies reach their targets at a greater speed than relying on sites to recruit patients themselves. To me, this means we are helping get new therapies and treatments to patients in need, more quickly than before!"

Victoria Sullivan

Director, AutoCruitment Brand

"AutoCruitment bridges the gap between patients and people who need care, and the companies that are capable of helping these people. To me, AutoCruitment is the ability to speak to and be heard by both parties; to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone. AutoCruitment means fast, safe, reliable, technological and methodical."

Ioana Georgescu

Director, AutoCruitment Application

"AutoCruitment has an inspiring team that’s always ready to jump in and collaborate to solve whatever new tasks come up. We embrace new technologies and optimization as a way to continuously improve and I couldn’t ask for more."

Giulia Buso

Director, Site Engagement

"For me, AutoCruitment means working creatively, passionately, and cohesively to continually achieve growth in the Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment space. Our team takes pride in building strong relationships with our patients, clients, and research sites. This allows for constant feedback on the best strategies to support site and client goals, while quickening the process to get new therapies and treatments accessible on the market for everyone."

Sabiha Rehman

Director, Patient Engagement

"For me, AutoCruitment is about innovation, creativity, and most importantly, passion for what we do. As a team we are continuously working to improve strategies to benefit both patients and our clients. It's so gratifying hearing from patients excited about the clinical trial opportunities we present and knowing we play an important role in getting new treatments approved so that they can help countless other individuals."

Kevin Indrasithu

Director, IT

"AutoCruitment is dedicated to providing a seamless experience for our potential patients to be matched to the correct clinical trials doing research on their condition(s). It means getting the right patients to the right treatments in hopes of assisting alternative therapies get approved for mass clinical use. Our team embraces new technologies and methodologies to ensure our platform and service remains optimized!"

Arun Chandrakumar

Director, IT

"When I think of AutoCruitment, the words innovative and passionate immediately come to mind. The team is always pushing boundaries and striving to do things differently. We are driven by a deep passion for what we do, constantly seeking ways to better serve our patients. The dedication and commitment to innovation inspire me, and I am proud to be with such a forward-thinking company."

Karlaina Osmon

Associate Director, Study Start-Up, Client and Patient Recruitment Programs

"At AutoCruitment, we are committed to providing the best overall clinical trial recruitment experience for clients, patients, and sites. Our dynamic team of problem-solving and driven individuals are always ready to work with the clients and the sites to ensure the right patients are matched to the right clinical trials. By doing so, we are helping to accelerate the time it takes to get these new therapies and treatments on the market!"

Simran Dhanoa

Senior Business Development and Client Relations Executive

"AutoCruitment allows patients to enroll in clinical trials from their phone or a computer, providing them with not only access to cutting edge treatments but also to information that could be life changing. AutoCruitment is and will continue to break barriers for patients all around the world and help them get access to information and treatments they need."

Kiran Bassi

Manager, HR

" As the HR Manager at AutoCruitment I can see that it is fueled by passionate employees who show up to work everyday ready to give 100% to ensure our customer commitments are delivered. To me, AutoCruitment is a company with great culture that is built and reinforced by its people. We honor diversity of ideas, people, and beliefs. Our diversity enables us to create innovative solutions to serve our customers’ needs."

Neetu Dhaliwal

Director, HR

"To me, AutoCruitment is all about our people. These are some of the most passionate individuals all coming together to make the clinical trial landscape a little easier for all those involved. The team and culture at AutoCruitment is very collaborative and truly inspiring! There is always someone available to help and make the transition seamless! I am proud to be apart of this team and looking forward to growing it even more."

Danielle Margetak

Senior Manager, Client & Project Management

"AutoCruitment is a diverse team of highly skilled individuals motivated by a shared commitment to unite the right patients with the right therapies as efficiently as possible. We embrace innovation, forward thinking and continuous improvement, creating an environment that truly pushes the envelope on what is possible."

Sharan Kaur

Senior Manager Client Management and Post-Launch Metrics

"I feel honored to be a part of AutoCruitment, which is helping clients discover new treatments for diseases and new ways to detect, diagnose, and reduce the chance of developing the disease. AutoCruitment assists clients in reaching their targeted audience in a much shorter time, using the latest technology, analytics, and optimization. In short, AutoCruitment is making millions of lives better."

About AutoCruitment

AutoCruitment streamlines the recruitment process and helps accelerate the commercialization of safe, effective treatments for conditions in all therapeutic areas. Using more than 1,500 digital channels, AutoCruitment is an industry leader in clinical trial patient recruitment, offering online recruitment services and use of the web-based AutoCruitment Platform globally.

AutoCruitment has assisted in the recruitment and automated screening of patients for all therapeutic areas and is currently working with 10 of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies, 9 of the largest CROs worldwide, numerous hospitals and research sites to reduce the time it takes to get lifesaving therapies to market; through the use of their platform which recruits and matches qualified patients to the correct trials and clinical programs, automatically.

AutoCruitment’s targeted, metrics-driven approach and web-based technology closes the enrollment gap and accelerates patient recruitment by an average of 97%.

Global Team

Our Headquarters

Raleigh, NC

AutoCruitment’s patient recruitment platform supports Sponsors, CRO Partners and Research Sites by decreasing time, risk and cost to bring new therapies to market.

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